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Percebes: Food of the gods

In Greek mythology ambrosia is the food of the gods, up there alongside nectar as the most heavenly of consumables. In Galicia the ambrosia equivalents are percebes, or as the English would call them, goose neck barnacles. Despite their unappealing, frankly ugly, appearance … Continue reading

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I’m just a jealous guy

I am not normally the jealous type. I don’t envy someone driving around in a Ferrari or Maserati, I don’t begrudge those people who get a big win on the lottery (well, not for more than a few seconds). I don’t … Continue reading

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Why Galicia? Why Mariña?

This is why? Just stumbled across this beautiful video of the Mariña coastline, the nearest coast to the house, and thought I’d share it with you. It does have sound…just in case you are at work! [youtube n0jUEqEKug0 nolink]

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