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Our third visit – part one – the verge of a great discovery

There had been a fair amount of time spend feeling a little bit down after the January O Paramo ‘near miss’. The negative time was spent thinking ‘we’ll never find anywhere suitable that we can afford’, while in moments of positivity the thoughts … Continue reading

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Don’t say Spain, say Galicia

When you first tell people that you’ve ‘bought a house in Spain’ it certainly gets their interest. No matter how casual the acquaintance you can see the thought process etched on their faces  (I know because before I was a … Continue reading

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Our second visit – part two – time with Mark

Mark Adkinson who runs Galician Country Homes deserves his own blog post as part of our background story for two reasons; He showed us a house which we came very close to buying. While we were with him we saw one of … Continue reading

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