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Amanda Saves The Day

I’ve always had terrible phobia of wasps and as with my only other weakness, ice cream, it is all the fault of my Mother. Some of my earliest memories are of my Mum shrieking and flapping her arms about like … Continue reading

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Amanda’s Antrocity

I’m not particularly proud of myself but sometimes ‘needs must’. We, or should I more accurately say Amanda, has committed an antrocity. There is simply no other way of describing her actions and in supporting her, however passively, I feel … Continue reading

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When people ask why?

When we first tell people of 0ur plans for the house in Galicia we are greeted with two dichotomous responses. One set of people are filled with excitement, on our behalf, wishing us well and showing a genuine interest in … Continue reading

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Ants in our pants (almost)

According to everyone we spoke to, we took the good weather with us to Galicia when we visited last week, although I did try and point out that the English spring back home was more resemblant of a continuation of the … Continue reading

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Wind farms are like marmite

Surprisingly only the USA, Germany and China produce more wind power than Spain, but it is much less of a shock to find out that within Spain, Galicia is the third largest producing area in the country. As the wind whips inland off the … Continue reading

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