A simple thing of extreme beauty

This morning, while I slaved away with pick-axe and shovel in the horno/bodega, the ‘team’ were finishing the roof beams and readying themselves for an afternoon of ‘thermochip’ installation.

Facundo showed up after lunch to join in the great unveiling and ensure that the first couple of boards were correctly in place, and I was doing my usual trick of hanging around and watching when he decided that it was time to unwrap the houses newest present.

A couple of weeks ago I have accompanied Facundo to another house to look at some pine thermochip that he’d recently installed. I didn’t like it and asked him to price up the large chestnut faced thermochip that he’d initially shown us in a different house. For the extra 300 Euros that he quoted I thought it a worthwhile investment (approximately 10 Euros per square metre more than pine). Today my decision was vindicated.

The simple thing of beauty

This is the thermochip that Facundo and his men installed today. 10mm of real chestnut, 50mm of thermal insulation and a 10mm chipboard back.

Facundo, Roman and Arturo fitting the second panel

The panels are installed with the beautiful chestnut side down (obviously) and screwed into place on the beams.

As it looks installed

The final effect is stunning. I am more than happy. With every passing day I can’t wait until we get full planning permission through and get get this little, but perfectly formed, barn complete so we can spend some time here.

On my personal campaign in the horno/bodega. Today I found; a bicycle, twenty more bottles, a dozen rusty scythes, more rotting clothes and shoes for my rotting clothes mountain, and something very large (I know not what) which is still half buried under detritus.

I have now cleared three square metres down to floor level and battle will recommence at 09:00 tomorrow, so long as my ‘glass back’ feels better in the morning.

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  1. Gary says:

    Which outbuilding did you say I could have again ?

    I’d like a chestnut ceiling in my outbuilding as well please.

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