What a lot, for not a lot

While we sit idly, twiddling our thumbs and growing ever more impatient (in a not very Spanish way), awaiting news from Galicia about;

  • the establishment of our company
  • ownership documents
  • our minor works license applications
  • the submission of our planning application
  • our quotes for roofing works

I can’t help but let my thoughts continue to be dominated by Galician property. In my boredom this has led me to do what you should never do, scour the Galician real estate agency sites after you’ve bought, to see what else is on the market.

What is blatantly obvious from my internet research is that there are still a load of great bargains to be had, and without knowing anything about the location or state of any of the following, I thought I would bring some of these to your attention. I hope that the agents won’t mind me pinching their photographs in exchange for some publicity (if they do please get in touch and I’ll take them down).

This one has been added recently by Mark of  Galician Country Homes and it is about an hours drive from our house right in the north west of Galicia. It is a stone house with  nice balcony and around 70 square metres per floor. The house comes with a large barn which has a traditional bread oven. The whole thing is in need of total renovation but on the market for a staggeringly low 15.000€.

One of Ramons Houses

Ramon, of Spanish Country Cottages, has a house much closer to ours which is a couple of valleys away. Situated in a small village it used to be a school house and is 83 square metres per floor. It doesn’t have any land to speak of but is available for just 14.000€.

John, from GaliciaVista, has this quaint little beauty on his books near Mondriz (near Lugo). It is in a rural location near a small road but within a few paces of a well stocked trout river. Needing complete renovation it is 112 square metres per floor and has 400 square metres of garden. A bargain in anyones books, especially those of a keen fisherman, at 27.500€.

So as you can see, you can get on the property ladder relatively cheaply in rural Galicia but be warned that depending on location and condition a good quality renovation is likely to cost between 700€ and 1.200€ per square metre depending on your personal level of involvement (ordering materials, fetching, carrying, mixing cement and buying in the beers!).

Now how do I stop myself blowing all our renovation budget on more houses?

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