Top of the world

Today has been a perfect day.

Fantastic weather, the ‘team’ have started tiling the roof, I’ve spent a day grafting hard in the horno/bodega, Amanda arrives in Galicia tomorrow, and I didn’t even spoil it by oversleeping.

It was a perfect day for working outside, filling your lungs with fresh Galician air, sharing a joke with my multinational workforce, and catching some late November sun-rays which had us all down to short-sleeved shirts by mid-afternoon. I even ventured up onto the roof of the barn, when Facundo wasn’t on site…twice!

The following photos show why it felt like I was on ‘top of the world’ (‘cima del mundo’).

The rooftop view west, Angel tiling

The rooftop view east, Angel also tiling

Looking back from the house, this is Arturo hand shaping the tiles, as he has been doing for the last three days, and still has two boxes full to cut.

Arturo shaping the tiles by hand

For my part I’ve worked all day clearing more rubbish and collapsed roof from the horno/bodega and am quite pleased with the results. I reckon that I’ve now cleared about half of the floor area, but only about forty percent of the rubbish. Today’s finds have been a little less interesting than yesterday; a bedstead, more clothes and shoes, lots more bottles, an old plough (beyond salvaging), and a frying pan.

The fruits of my labours

Oh, and parts from yet another old washing machine. That makes four on the site. The previous owners must have done a hell of a lot of washing, but then they did have a hell of a lot of clothes!

Enrique didn’t want his apple today, yesterday must have been too painful and he now associates my hand bearing an apple with an electric shock. I do feel a little guilty.


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