I love pontenova.es

Not long after we decided to buy the house in Liñeiras a local news/blog/magazine/public information service came to our attention. Amanda stumbled across www.pontenova.es and ever since we’ve both been hooked.


I’ve been reading (in the broadest sense of the word, as the site is written predominantly in Gallego) it a couple of times a day for the last couple of months and trying to work out what the wording that goes with the pictures actually means. Sometimes the picture, and the odd word that I understand, is enough for me to get the gist of what is going on, but sometimes I am disastrously wide of the mark in my understanding.

Pontenova.es seems to have three main subject areas which are covered in massive detail.

  • Top of the list is Sporting Pontenova, the local football team, who are in 2nd Autonomic, G. VI, which is quite a long way below the likes of Real Madrid and Barcelona. I am guessing that because of the exhaustive coverage, the author of the site is either involved in the club or a massive supporter.
  • Second is the river Eo which runs through the centre of Pontenova comes a close second, although I suspect that the trials and tribulations of the attempts to build a river beach, in-between the flood waters which frequently wash away several weeks worth of work, has been the main focus of the debate.
  • And thirdly, the site has a leaning towards the publication of old photographs of Pontenova (smothered in a massive watermark) that show ‘olden day’ life as it was in the nearest town to our new house. These are mostly photographs of quirky little mine trucks, Sunday best suited religious processions and summertime group gatherings and away days. They are quite delightful giving an insight into the history of the area, and show a naivety which is now sadly leaving Spanish society, in the same way that it left our British shores a long time ago.

It is one of these photographs (please click here) which has caused me to finally bring one of my guilty private pleasures to a wider audience. I saw this photo and instantly smiled.

Perhaps we should use it for a caption competition?

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  1. Bernardeta says:

    Hello Paul
    I am extremely delighted that I found your blog today. I am one of the people that contribute, sparingly, to the blog and on behalf of myself and my fellow bloggers I would like to thank you for this great reference to our site. It is a pleasure to see other people be as enthusiastic about our blog as we are.

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