The journey begins

I think that I might have gone too far this time.

At 12:45 I was up to my elbows in coolant as I tried to change a split hose on the landrover before my intended 13:00 departure. I can’t believe that mechanics don’t work on sundays!

It was the latest in series of car related incidents which meant that my love-hate relationship had slipped back into the hate mode.

Yesterday it was a new washer pump, on Friday a new carburettor to allow it to switch from LPG to petrol, and in the previous weeks more parts and titivating than you can shake a stick at.

But after six and a half hours driving I am now sat in queue 13 on Portsmouth docks awaiting loading of the 22:00 to Bilbao.

The old girl has made it in one piece. The ‘boys own’ adventure of one man and his quarter century old landrover is off the start line. Now I have a 36 hour crossing to look forward to and then it is another six hour drive to the house.

I’m definitely going to miss Amanda, and our two reprobate cats, but the barn conversion is a big part of our future lives and one of us needs to be there to ensure that the works are ‘just right’.

Guess it’s me and the landy with the short straw. Galicia here we come!


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