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An accidental encounter with intrigue

On our first trip to Galicia we discovered something most unexpected while driving the coast road from Ortigueira to Ferrol to meet an estate agent. It seems fitting to mention it now, just as remembrance poppies go on sale around the … Continue reading

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And then there were two

‘Cutting off ones nose to spite ones face’. Founded in the medieval practice of women disfiguring themselves to protect their virginity, the phrase has passed into common parlance and is associated with a needless self-destructive over-reaction to a problem. We’ve … Continue reading

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Meeting house criteria, the lure of the green

After forty-two years on this earth, although I acknowledge that I do look like I’ve been here a bit longer than that, I think that I am qualified to put forward the hypothesis that there are two types of people … Continue reading

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Always time for a Spanish holiday

Colin Davies (Thoughts from Galicia) blog yesterday was all about tuesdays Spanish National day, a national  holiday across the whole of Spain where everything vaguely commercial grinds to a halt, families congregate, and parties are had across the land.  As Colin points out, … Continue reading

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The fine art of Spanish car hire

Anyone who visits Galicia is unlikely to be collected from the airport in the tourist busses commonplace in the south or east, and whisked away to their hotel for a week long stay. To see Galicia properly you will need to … Continue reading

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