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Almost Forced To Remarry For a Bit Of Green Tissue Paper

Apart from football, if there is anything at which the Spanish excel, then it is bureaucracy. Finally, and after just fifteen months of living in Galicia, this morning we finally obtained our ‘green card’ of temporary residence (which is not … Continue reading

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Vote ‘Remain’… Or The Cat Gets It!

I’m not one for getting political on here…but my hand has now been forced. Over the next four months (yes we’re going to have to put up with just one news story for the next third of a year) I … Continue reading

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Our ‘Outdoor’ Cat Kit

This is our ‘outdoor’ cat Kit. She mysteriously arrived in our woodpile on the 1st September last year, just a fortnight after the death of our beloved Bonita. With no real choice, Amanda and I reluctantly agreed to feed her … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Christmas Eve

Dusk had already long since fallen on Christmas Eve. I was outside testing the motion detectors on some new lights I’d installed to give Amanda additional security while I was away in Belfast, standing motionless until they went off and then waving … Continue reading

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