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Two motorbikes and a funeral

Rather than spend the entire morning stood around watching Facundo and his men continue their speedy renovation of our barn, on saturday I opted to start work on one of the many wars I’d planned for my own personal battle … Continue reading

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Spoke too soon

It looks like I might have been a little too ‘cocky’ about how well the Landy was running. On the way back from the house today there was a distinct lack of power and after I stopped in Pontenova on … Continue reading

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Salt with everything

It’s a sight that I have never seen before. My Landy was parked at the back of a long queue of 4×4’s and MPV’s away from the vertically challenged saloons and estates, who after all had paid less than us. … Continue reading

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The journey begins

I think that I might have gone too far this time. At 12:45 I was up to my elbows in coolant as I tried to change a split hose on the landrover before my intended 13:00 departure. I can’t believe … Continue reading

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Anti-christ testicles anyone?

There are many things that I love about Spain. I love the food, I love the wine, I love the quirkiness, I love the sunshine, and I love the way that Spaniards embrace the truly bizarre. After years of repression … Continue reading

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