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Why Galicia? Why Mariña?

This is why? Just stumbled across this beautiful video of the Mariña coastline, the nearest coast to the house, and thought I’d share it with you. It does have sound…just in case you are at work! [youtube n0jUEqEKug0 nolink]

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Our third visit – part one – the verge of a great discovery

There had been a fair amount of time spend feeling a little bit down after the January O Paramo ‘near miss’. The negative time was spent thinking ‘we’ll never find anywhere suitable that we can afford’, while in moments of positivity the thoughts … Continue reading

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Our first visit

The fourth week in November (2009) probably isn’t the time you’d pick to visit your potential new home. The thinking behind it was that; ‘if we like it in November then we’ll like it any time’. After being delivered safely … Continue reading

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