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Northern Spain is not just for summer

Popular rumour would have you believe that northern Spain is only fit for visiting from the start of July until the middle of September. Those expounding this tattle would suggest that outside the Galician summer it is wet, windy and closed, … Continue reading

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Stumbling over the marathon start line

It happened just a few days short of seven months since we had sat nervously in the smoky Notaries office and heard her speed talk through what we were buying, before we handed over most of our life savings and took delivery of the symbolic key … Continue reading

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But what about the bulldozers?

I’d like to categorically state that I don’t read the Daily Mail. Never have, and never will. It’s print has never blackened my fingers, I’m a Guardian man. However, Amanda does occasionally glance at the online version which I guess is solely … Continue reading

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Making plans for the small house

You’ll hopefully remember both ‘the small house’ (the edifice that we used to call the barn) and the top secret architect  (the woman with no name)? These two have come together in exquisite harmony to produce a plan for stage one … Continue reading

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A surprise encounter

I guess that we have our fair share of processions in England although they are moving away from the traditional religious and ceremonial more towards the confrontational and sinister. The far right, student tuition fees or anti-G10 summit is now … Continue reading

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