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Any Excuse for a Party

The Spanish will throw a party to talk about organising parties. Personally I think that as a nation it is one of their most endearing qualities, indicative of their all-embracing sociable nature. Spain has almost double the amount of bank holidays that we get … Continue reading

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Getting a taste of the brotherhood

I’ve mentioned ‘A Cofradía’ at Rinlo in an earlier blog, when demonstrating one of the ways to eat the delightful percebes. On our visit to Galicia in May the percebes were simply an appetiser to the main course, the speciality of … Continue reading

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Percebes: Food of the gods

In Greek mythology ambrosia is the food of the gods, up there alongside nectar as the most heavenly of consumables. In Galicia the ambrosia equivalents are percebes, or as the English would call them, goose neck barnacles. Despite their unappealing, frankly ugly, appearance … Continue reading

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