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Natures Hamper Overflows

Despite cutting it extremely fine, on Tuesday I managed to get Chris on his plane back from Asturias Airport to Stansted. Left to my own devices I had just over a week to ‘potter’, do jobs, put up shelves, clean, find homes for possessions, and … Continue reading

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Living local life

Within the space of twelve hours I’ve had two big dollops of local Galician life, and thoroughly enjoyed both as a nice break from working on the house. On the way home last night I bumped into my new friend, … Continue reading

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Cider house rules

The most famous street in Oviedo is called Gascona. Not a particularly long, elegant, or architecturally pleasing, its claim to fame is that it is the Asturian capital cities centre of cider drinking. A shallow sloping, marble surfaced, pedestrian way lined … Continue reading

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Beans, beans, the musical fruit

Ask any holiday making Spaniard why they are in Galicia or Asturias and within the top three reasons for their journey they will certainly list the cuisine. Whether it is the delicious fresh seafood, the fruity and crisp Albariño, the … Continue reading

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How does your garden grow

We’ve only been in Galicia from November to June, so we’ve not had chance to view the state, area or property when nature has fully taken hold and the sunshine and occasional abundant rain have worked their magic. It’s now … Continue reading

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