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Around every bend, a new treasure

To say that Galicia has a new delight around every corner is  probably a bit of an exaggeration, but on our last visit my harmless ‘Why don’t we take a drive to….’ turned into a bit of an adventure. We’d got … Continue reading

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The international fuel conundrum

Something has been puzzling me about one big difference between England and Spain. A difference that effects everyone’s every day life, underlies the very fabric of commerce, and generates exasperation across the globe. The cost of vehicle fuel. There is a nice … Continue reading

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Food, food, glorious food

What Galician food lacks in finesse, it usually makes up for in taste, and often quantity. Our last trip presented some opportunities for great food and as always we grasped them with both hands and made proverbial ‘pigs’ of ourselves. The … Continue reading

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Spanish time, different to UK time

The more time I spend in Spain the more I convince myself that it is a country which operates in a different temporal paradigm to the United Kingdom. There are still nominally sixty seconds in a standard minute, sixty minutes … Continue reading

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England 0 – España 2

There were two main reasons why we booked a week in Galicia in late April/early May; to be there while the kitchen was fitted; and, to be there while the internal doors were hung. These were the two remaining major … Continue reading

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