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Licensed to build…well, renovate

With the sudden arrival of a Galician heatwave (it touched 35°C at one point this week) and the impending onslaught of tourists escaping the oppressive heat of central Spain, you would expect that the building contractors of A Pontenova are looking for a … Continue reading

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Twelve things we’ve learnt in the last twelve months

The summer solstice, the longest day, June the 21st, will forever be associated in our mind with the day that we completed the purchase of our house in Galicia. Today sees the first anniversary of us sitting in the offices of … Continue reading

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He’ll not see Christmas

The death of Carlos’ donkey is not the end of the tale of livestock at Casa Liñeiras, for now we have a new squatter. I use ‘we’ in the loosest of terms for the likelihood is that the animal we have … Continue reading

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Percebes: Food of the gods

In Greek mythology ambrosia is the food of the gods, up there alongside nectar as the most heavenly of consumables. In Galicia the ambrosia equivalents are percebes, or as the English would call them, goose neck barnacles. Despite their unappealing, frankly ugly, appearance … Continue reading

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