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Why Galicia? Why Mariña?

This is why? Just stumbled across this beautiful video of the Mariña coastline, the nearest coast to the house, and thought I’d share it with you. It does have sound…just in case you are at work! [youtube n0jUEqEKug0 nolink]

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The hold up in the registry office

Do you remember me suggesting in early February that our planning application for the conversion of the small house into our small dwelling was finally ready to be submitted for the consideration, deliberation and rumination of Pontenova Concello? Well, it appears … Continue reading

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EasyJet present a dilemma

You could be forgiven for thinking that we have an unhealthy fixation with low cost airlines. When you make frequent journeys to Galicia and Asturias then EasyJet and Ryanair become friends whose status you check more often than your nearest and dearest on Facebook. … Continue reading

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The bread oven house, or so they say

It was the Moors who introduced the tradition of the horno (pronounced or, no) to the Iberian Peninsula and one which Galicia embraced with both arms. Almost every property that we saw while seeking out our ideal casa had one, and they came in … Continue reading

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We seem to be breeding washing machines

The architect who can’t be named e-mailed through the ‘final’ (fingers crossed) papers for us to sign and send back via snail mail to enable the submission of the planning application for the small barn. These were; a three page document in gallego (licenza … Continue reading

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