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Never buy a Ford

I’ve broken one of my own rules…in the interests of thrift…but it might have just been worth it. Travelling to Spain last week we opted for the new Manchester to Bilbao route with EasyJet. We were going for our final (honest) … Continue reading

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Mixed reaction to Rick’s Spain

The BBC finally got around to screening the eagerly anticipated Spanish Cookery oddysey compiled by Rick Stein over a large part of 2010. Some of the Galicia footage, was filmed while we were house hunting and the local paper ‘Voz de Galicia’ … Continue reading

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Getting a taste of the brotherhood

I’ve mentioned ‘A Cofradía’ at Rinlo in an earlier blog, when demonstrating one of the ways to eat the delightful percebes. On our visit to Galicia in May the percebes were simply an appetiser to the main course, the speciality of … Continue reading

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Pontenova and its puente nuevo

It shows the depths to which we’ve sunk when we treat a new bridge as a tourist attraction. If it was the Golden Gate Bridge, the Ponte Vecchio or the Humber Bridge then we could be excused, but not when it is the … Continue reading

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