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Anyone Know a Good Panel Beater?

It’s rapidly approaching eleven years since we bought Casa Liñeiras, our own little corner of paradise, and we are now as the stage where we are discussing cushions and toilet roll holders for the apartments so we must be very … Continue reading

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Additions to the Family

We have known Dolores since before we bought the house in 2010. Our estate agent introduced us to her as an ex-high flying executive from Madrid who had packed it all in for a quiet life in a Galician backwater. … Continue reading

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A License to Park Wherever You Like

Galicia, we’ve had this little chat before and I’m sure that we’ll have to have it again in the future. Your parking is atrocious, dangerous, illegal, inconsiderate and sometimes plain daft. I suspect that the Spanish get their driving licences … Continue reading

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The ‘Old Firm’ is Back Together for its Swansong

Since purchasing the big red van I’ve been on a quest to find the perfect co-driver for my trip to Galicia, to ensure the safe passage of all our valuable possessions (and Amanda’s shoes and handbags).  The choice of an … Continue reading

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Hasta luego España

There was always going to be another twist to my journeys tale, and I thought that it would be Landrover related. I’ve just landed at a Stansted, back on home soil for the first time in two months, three full … Continue reading

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