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TOP SECRET – Our new architect

The main reason for our trip earlier this month, apart from stocking up on traditional Christmas turron, and feeding our faces with the best food and drink in the discovered world, was to meet with our potential new architect (the fifth … Continue reading

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When is a barn not a barn?

The answer is…of course…when it is a small house!   Our small house, view from the big house Let me explain. From earlier articles you’ll be aware that our ‘house’ actually comprises several buildings, one which we have consistently referred to … Continue reading

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Don’t just take my word for it….

….here is what international film star Martin Sheen (Ramón Antonio Gerardo Estévez) has to say about Galicia! Martin Sheen on Galicia Publicising his new film ‘The Way’  which is about his characters pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela. You have to take … Continue reading

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To whet the appetite

Saturday afternoon saw a melancholic return from Galicia after a fruitful and interesting, although far too short, visit to the house. We managed to cram loads into the seventy-two hours we spent in our little piece of paradise, in what was … Continue reading

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Grand designs, and no Kevin in sight

With our next trip planned, and schedule coming nicely together, it is time that we brought you right up to date with where we currently are with the house (at the beginning of November 2010). Consider this article a kind of mental house-keeping, a way … Continue reading

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