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The other Spain – Part II – Eating Out

Based on what you read in the brochures I assume that any good Benidorm holiday comprises; sitting in the sun, gently cooking in your choice of ‘tan enhancer’; drinking alcohol at every possible opportunity; and either eating, or working out where … Continue reading

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The other Spain – Part I – ‘PooGate’

I know that I run the risk of being called a Spain snob, but I have never had any desire to visit to Costas, the Balearics, or even the Canaries. I’ve seen them on the telly with their sun reddened … Continue reading

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Thank goodness for the upgrade

Stood staring through the plexi-glass at the nice lady from Atesa, I did something that I’ve never done, or even considered. I accepted a car upgrade. When hunting for a hire car on the internet in advance of our trip, I began to … Continue reading

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When winter touched Liñeiras

I’ve never seen the house and barn in snow. It does occasionally snow in Galicia but with the warming effect of the Atlantic spreading as far in land as A Pontenova, it is very rare for anything but the lightest … Continue reading

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