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A morning wasted on the bookshelves of giants

I’d booked a bigger car than normal. The main reason was to aid visiting Mothers vehicular ingress and egress, which despite her protestations that she isn’t yet ready for ‘a new knee’, seem to be getting increasingly difficult. The larger … Continue reading

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Noah had the right idea

It hasn’t stopped raining for forty-eight hours. Not one minute of respite, just relentless stair-rods, causing landslides, impromptu waterfalls, and heavily swelled streams and rivers. The way to describe such rain is with the phrase ‘of biblical proportions’. I am not sure that … Continue reading

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History on the doorstep

I’ve always liked history. What I like is to visit historical sites and gather enough visual evidence to enable me try to imagine life being lived as it was in previous centuries or millennia. I should really have been an … Continue reading

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Asturian gastronomic delight

It’s my last Sunday in Galicia and rather than my usual Sunday routine of eggs & beans on fried bread, washed down with copious amounts of Nescafe while watching DVDs, I was invited out to lunch by Stephen, Kay, Neil … Continue reading

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Fire, fire!

I’ve not got a particularly good track record with angle grinders. I bought one a few years ago when we were fitting steel spindles to the new staircase at our house in Huddersfield, with near disastrous consequences. A family friend … Continue reading

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