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Here is a video made up of just over seven and a half minutes of still images and some movie footage shot on a digital camera. It shows the house and all its associated ruins including some shots of inside. It comprises images from trips in March and June 2010 and gives a good overall impression of the state of the property, before any work starts. Video should start automatically – there is no sound so it is work friendly;

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  1. JULIE JONES says:

    Just reading your blogg in my lunch. I too have a property in Galicia far smaller than yours and it too needed much renovation. Luckily my husband is hands on and has gone it alone for the last three years. It is almost complete and I should be joining him in October. I am at present living in Barnsley pretty close to Huddersfield. Nice to know we are not the only mad Yorkshire men around. It took us seven visits and two years to find opur little piece of paradise. We are in a little village close to Monforte de lemos. We are surrounded by mountains and many reivers and lakes and I just love it.
    Good Luck with your proect and I will watch your progress from the blogg

  2. Paula says:

    Have read your blog with interest. We are planning a trip to Galicia early March (first visit) to begin our search for a property.
    Any advice, info you could give us would be very much appreciated.
    Are you still living in the uk?
    We’re interested in a rural/coastal tourism business – Can you recommend areas and also areas that are definate no go areas.
    Really any advice would be good.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I stumbled upon this blog and I too am from Barnsley living the dream in Galicia.
    We live in a village close to the coast line around Razo in the pronvince of La Coruna.

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