EasyJet present a dilemma

You could be forgiven for thinking that we have an unhealthy fixation with low cost airlines. When you make frequent journeys to Galicia and Asturias then EasyJet and Ryanair become friends whose status you check more often than your nearest and dearest on Facebook.

I was then somewhat startled then a colleague drew my attention to some EasyJet news which had passed me by, and which then had me rushing to the EasyJet booking pages, google maps, and the Autopista de Espana to look at all the possibilities.

What caused such excitement?

Simple really…EasyJet have just announced a thrice weekly summer months flight from Manchester to Bilbao, probably to test the market viability of the route. While Bilbao is miles away from the house this still gives us a real dilemma, as it opens up a viable alternative for us. At the moment our only real options are;

  • EasyJet: Huddersfield – Stansted (170 minutes drive) – Asturias Airport – Liñeiras ( 105 minute drive).
  • Ryanair: Huddersfield – Stansted (170 minutes drive) – Santiago Airport – Liñeiras ( 140 minute drive).

This new route now gives us the option of;

  • EasyJet – Huddersfield –  Manchester (40 minute drive) – Bilbao Airport – Liñeiras ( 300 minute drive).

Factor in that there are no tolls on the section of Autopista from Bilbao to the house, fuel is currently about 20% cheaper in Spain than here, we’d be putting the miles and depreciation on a hire car, and that the Spanish roads are a joy to drive outside the fiestas, and it makes the thirty minutes extra total drive time a negligible factor.

The Spanish reducing the Autopista speed limit from 120kmh to 110kmh is a bit of a disappointment, but that will only be felt if they actually decide to enforce it, which is a big ‘IF’.

Next time we go (after the route starts in mid-June) then we’ll take a serious look at this as an option.

So nice one EasyJet, and thanks for the pleasant dilemma.

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