A little piece of England, in Galicia

A new countdown has begun.

Our builder has given us a start date for the works which will hopefully seen the barn finished early in 2013, and which will finally give us a base in which to stay while we get on with the works on the rest of the site.

It will be ‘all hands on deck’ from the 25th October, strangely a Thursday, as Facundos team descent on 13 Liñeiras to undertake the multitude of tasks which include; screeding and laying floors, building the porch, installing the electrics and water/waste, putting in a septic tank, plastering walls and fitting all the windows and doors.

Once they have finished all that should remain will be; fitting a kitchen, some carpentry and decoration. Whilst we have a start date, we don’t have a finish date, but with builders that I trust (and the final payment withheld until completion) then I am not overly concerned.

There are now loads of things that I have to sort out at home before driving down there at the end of October. One of these is the collecting of a stained glass window  which we have commissioned from a stained glass artist called David Griffin who is based in Bakewell.

We went to see Dave a couple of months ago to talk through what we are looking for, and to see some examples of his work. He’s sent us through the artwork of the design that he is now working on, and we can’t wait to see it in the flesh.

Once complete, the window will be installed in the very small traditional barn window just underneath the balcony on the south facing downstairs wall (see below).

The window will be within the bedroom and should cast a beautiful moving multicoloured light around the room as the sun rises over the horizon in the early morning, and travels round the entire room, before dipping away in the evening.

Dave hasn’t got much space to work with, as the window is just 24 x 45cm, so there is little room for a complex design. We both think that this scene could either be in the hills around Huddersfield, or the steep sides valleys of Galicia. It is just what we said in the brief.

Once Dave has completed the window I will collect it from Derbyshire, secure it in bubble wrap, and hope that I can get it to Galicia in one piece.

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  1. Donna Bragg says:

    Looking good Paul and Mandy!!!!!! Your dream is ever nearer and it looks like you are going to be able to wear your steel cap boots, at last!! Just a quick few lines too, to say how great it was to see you both last Saturday. I had a wonderful time and hope that it won’t be such a long time before we see each other again. Remember if you ever need anything just drop us a line and I’ll get right back to you. My family and I are not that far away and the door is always open. The house, by the way, looks fab and it’s obvious just how much thought you have put into every little detail. Congratulations you’re doing a fine job. Wishing you both all our very best, Donna and familyxxxx (Your first guests, we hope!!!!)

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