Making a list, checking it twice

There is a lot to remember for next Tuesday, the day I set off for Portsmouth via the wood burner shop south of Birmingham, for my ultimate destination in Galicia. The only way I have any chance of remembering is to make a list, and keep adding to it.

The good news, and a massive personal relief, is that I have finished rebuilding the wall at home in Huddersfield. This was the catalyst for me attending a brick laying course, and the chance to practice ahead of many more square metres of walling which will need to be created at the house in Liñeiras. Although it was the first one I have ever done, I feel that I have put my newly acquired skills  to good use, and hopefully it will still be standing when I get back from Spain for Christmas.

Demolishing the old wall

The new one ready for rendering

It still needs rendering, but not having been on a rendering course I’d better leave that for the experts. All in all I am very happy with it and it saved me a fair chunk of money.

The more I work outside, the more I enjoy it, and the more I realise that it is far healthier than sitting behind a computer, despite the odd callous and stiff back in a morning.

In Spain, of course, I won’t be using the block-work you can see here, unless it gets hidden by natural stone facing. Everything will be local stone or slate.

In some way I hope that they have to excavate a lot of rock to make the channel and pit for the septic tank (although this will be more costly) as this will give me lots of ready stone for landscaping, without the need to take it from other existing walls around the site. It seems crazy to be shipping in new stone when there is such an abundance just lying around, or just under the surface.

So just over three days now until my departure so back to making and checking those lists.


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  1. Coco says:

    Well done! It looks wonderful.

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