Forty-four frantic hours on the horizon

I’m feeling quite pleased with myself.

To avoid three kitchen related visits, we asked our friends Kay & Stephen whether they would be good enough to meet the kitchen fitter when he made his ‘mandatory’ visit to measure-up. They agreed so we gave them Stephens number with our order and waited….and waited.

After two weeks I decided that I needed to give them a prod. Extremely well hidden within the bowels of the IKEA site I managed to find an on-line help application which turned out to be a real person. In my poor Spanish, and with the help of a sanity-checked Reverso (because it makes some massive bloopers in translation) I managed to explain the situation. Copy-Paste is a wonderful thing.

The semi-anonymous person on the other end, Carmen (real-name probably Govinda in India), was extremely efficient and within five minutes Stephen e-mailed to tell me that the appointment was arranged for the following day. Everything went to plan, but we now have just one calender month to go back and place the order (perhaps they are concerned that the room dimensions will change if we leave it over a month!).

All this, coupled with the impending arrival of the replacement glass for the fire, means that I have had to book a whistle-stop trip, lasting just 44 hours, in early March. I’ll be racking up the motorway miles with a trip to IKEA in A Coruña, visiting the carpenters in La Roda to discuss the staircase installation, seeing our solicitor in Ribadeo, and meeting the builder, plumber and electrician at the house for ‘snagging’.

On top of all that, I of course, need to do a bit of socialising (read drinking beer and wine and eating good food). It’s a chore, but one of us has to do it!

Here are a couple of pictures of the installed fire, awaiting its’ new pane of glass (damaged side not photographed).


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