The size of the task

Here is a video made up of just over seven and a half minutes of still images and some movie footage shot on a digital camera. It shows the house and all its associated ruins including some photographs of inside.

It comprises images from trips in March and June 2010 and gives a good overall impression of the state of the property, before any work starts. Click play to start the video – there is no sound so it is work friendly;

[mediaplayer src=’’ autoLoad=1]

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  1. Keith Norman says:

    Hi Paul & Amanda

    had a look at the video again. I like the idea of the names of the various buildings. Example the Barn, the bread house, If you could find some back ground to each part of the property you may get a suprise !! You could add the information to your web site- brochure ect as people love these quirky little things. I think my framed Rhions shirt will look good over the fire place in the barn !!!!
    Cheers Keith

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