Small house elevated to the next level

The second, and hopefully final, version of the plans for the small house have arrived from the top secret architect along with a number of questions, all of which we answered over the weekend. The plans include elevations from the north, south and east and show what the small house will look like once it has been renovated.

Just as a reminder, this is what the small house looks like now;

View from the north-east

View from the south-east

What our architect has suggested, and with which we wholeheartedly agree, is as follows;

From the north

Here you can see the upper floor from the roadside with a large window and traditional Galician half wood/half glass stable door. The wooden lean-to to the right will stay for now but will eventually be cleared. To the left you can just see the top of the proposed new small entrance porch.

From the east

Moving to the east you can see the new entrance way with another stable door and a slate roof over. The extension will be constructed from brick and then rendered and painted white. To blend the old to the new it is proposed that the area above the new entrance is also rendered and painted white. You can also see the profile of the balcony and a window in the opening which currently has a door, with a new lintel and blocked up slightly at the bottom.

From the south

Finally you can see the view from the south with the two new windows on the gound floor and the chestnut (for now) balcony accessed through a second floor door. The profile of the small entrance porch is also shown.

We have just a couple more bits of clarification with the architect, including how steam will get extracted from the bathroom (underneath the balcony), and then the plans are ready to be costed, written up, and submitted to the A Pontenova Concello.

Then it will be several months of waiting with fingers crossed, and breath baited.

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