Hasta luego España

There was always going to be another twist to my journeys tale, and I thought that it would be Landrover related.

I’ve just landed at a Stansted, back on home soil for the first time in two months, three full days ahead of schedule. And it’s freezing!

Late last night I received an e-mail from Brittainy Ferries, quickly followed by an SMS, telling me that Saturday’s sailing from Bilbao to Portsmouth had been cancelled due to bad weather. On phoning the emergency number it turned out that the boat was stuck in England and 9 to 10 metre swell meant that it wouldn’t be in Spain for some days.

I was offered a sailing on the 21st but with no guarantee of that one going ahead there was the chance that I’d be spending Christmas alone in Galicia. That wouldn’t have been popular at home.

I made the decision to get bumped onto a sailing in mid-January, which coincides nicely with Amanda and I visiting to see the architect/builder, and booked myself on this lunchtimes Easyjet flight from Asturias to Manchester.


I had no time to pack, to say goodbye (except to Neil who gave me a lift to the airport), or to prepare myself for re-integrating back into normal life. I did, however, get chance to buy myself a ticket for the ‘El Gordo’ lottery which is held on the 22nd December.

I’ve now got three and a half hours of train journey ahead of me, for which I am paying almost double what it just cost me for the flight!

I need my number to come up on El Gordo to cover the cost of getting home.

Hasta luego España, see you early in the New Year.

Did I mention that it is freezing here!

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