The force is strong with us

We never travel alone.

When in Spain we always have ‘Yoda’ with us as ‘Our guide, he will be’. You’d be forgiven for thinking that we’re smuggling the reknowned wrinkly Jedi master with us to help us ‘use the Galician force’ but it is far more mundane than that, as Yoda is simply vocalising what our humble Tom-Tom satnav tells him.

But without any recent updates, Yoda is getting increasingly confused and frustrated. Confused and frustrated because the Spanish keep changing the road layouts. Yoda doesn’t appreciate that the changes are all for the better.

Despite a few hiccups, mostly thanks to contractors downing their tools over late payments, the construction of the missing pieces of motorway, to complete the coast hugging Autovia del Cantabrico, are progressing well.  The European Communities’ money is still good here, and very welcome.

The latest section of the motorway will hopefully be ready the next time that we visit, although we’ve been thinking that for the last twelve months. It is a stretch between El Manto and Salamir which comprises a couple of short tunnels and one long high bridge section. Once complete it will cut out a short detour through Rellayo, and shave about ten minutes off the journey.

Nice new bridge

There are currently three such detours, ranging from a few, to several kilometers. All serve to slow the journey across the top of Asturias and into Galicia. Combined, these add about thirty minutes to the journey but once all the dots have been joined with autovia we should be able to get from Asturias Airport to Ribadeo in about 45 minutes (90 km). Our estate agent, Ramon, claims to have already made this journey in forty-five minutes to catch a flight. Once the autovia is complete, travelling at his speed, we’d arrive before we set off!

Perhaps I’d better plug Yoda into my computers USB and let Tom-Tom HQ bring him up to speed!

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