Measure twice, cut once

Our builder has given us a start date of the 25th October, strangely a tuesday, and after some discussion it has been decided that I will make the personal sacrifice and take a couple of months off work (major contracts allowing) and spend my time in Galicia.

Oh, the hardship!

The thinking behind this is for me to keep an eye on the barn development, be on hand to resolve any issues, do a little clearing and preparation work on the main house, and possibly dig a channel and a nice big hole in which to put the drainage and septic tank.

Whilst trying to focus on keeping a local government focussed IT business afloat in these times of financial armageddon, it is difficult not to be thinking about the exciting adventure ahead as I try to survive for a couple of months in a rural paradise, without my interpreter, on a very tight budget, and with absolutely no idea how a washing machine works!

There are so many things for me to think about;

        • Organising somewhere to stay
        • Booking the ferry once I am sure that I am going, but before the prices go up, again!
        • Trying to purchase a cheap, but reliable, left hand drive 4×4 to take (and possibly leave)
        • Looking to hit the peak of a fluctuating exchange rate market for the cash we’ve got to transfer out
        • Sorting the contracts out with the builder, who speaks no English
        • Liaising with the architect, who speaks no English
        • Arranging a trip for my brother and sister-in-law to come and visit
        • Working out where I am going to get wi-fi access to do a daily blog
        • When to book a flight home to Yorkshire (via Stansted) for Christmas
        • Considering whether it really is safe for me to be let loose with a chain saw (bearing in mind my less than perfect safety record with power tools)
        • Learning what the spanish is for ‘how does this washing machine work?’

So, the countdown to the 25th of October has begun, now I’d better get on with some real work.

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3 Responses to Measure twice, cut once

  1. tim says:

    Hello, for the 4×4 pick up I may have an idea for you… You can buy or rent my mitsubishi L200 (1996 – double cabin), left hand drive, spanish plate, insured – everything works. Its in Santiago. Its a little old but very reliable.

  2. admin says:

    Hi Tim. Thanks for the generous offer. At the moment I am looking for something I can drive down from England full of tools etc. But I’ll get back in touch if that doesn’t work out.

    It does sound ideal – about the age I am looking at and I do like the Mitsubishi.

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