Lifting the roof

After waiting at home all day yesterday the parts for the Landrover were finally delivered at 17:30. According to the text message from DHL they were delivered, but the lack of parts in my hands told a different story. I tried the other three number sevens in Taramundi to be met with two ‘no answers’, and an octogenarian lambasting me from her now un-shuttered first floor window, for disturbing her Friday evening (I think).

Then the Spanish mobile rang, an occurrence which always fills me with some dread, and I was then summoned to the house by Facundo for a next day meeting at 9am. A most uncivilised time on a Spanish Saturday. He needed to discuss how high we are going to raise the roof to allow the headroom required by the architect. On Thursday we’d settled on twenty centimetres, but now he was suggesting an additional ten.

An additional twenty, just 10cm more to go

This morning brought torrential rain, and the fog for which this part of Galicia has a long tradition. The journey to the house included navigating many impromptu rivers across the tarmac, and today was one day that I was pleased to be in the Landrover, which incidentally didn’t miss a beat. Perhaps she prefers the wet.

Facundo was already at the house, we discussed the changes, and he magically presented me with an enveloped re-quote based on the newly agreed works. Perhaps he knew I’d agree, perhaps he had several new quotes prepared to cover all outcomes of our discussions. I suspect the former.

Larger roof tiles being conserved for later projects

Part of the roof is now off and some of the wall height increase is underway. Pepe and Alejandro were sensibly working inside the now dry house, beautifully crafting the internal window surrounds in natural stone, mined from the gable end of one of our other barns.

Here is a before and after photo of one of the barn walls (from different sides). You can see the difference that a craftsman makes!




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  1. David mallinson says:

    Sounds like things are going ok in sunny spain .sounds like landy will be ok at royal marsden if she likes the wet.

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