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It’s what I think journalists refer to as ‘a slow news day’. I got up late, bought a few provisions and then had a good old fry-up for brunch, along with a big cup of coffee containing ‘slightly off’ UHT milk.

I am off to the house later to show Dolores the work completed so far, as she last saw the house a couple of days after I arrived. I hope that she’ll be pleasantly shocked.

This got me thinking about how much has been achieved in just five weeks, crushing the myth of lazy Spanish builders in Galicia at least. So rather than a long rambling blog about nothing, here are a couple of ‘before and after’ comparisons (click on the pictures for a bigger version).

Cabazo: Before and after

Barn: Before and after

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  1. Debbie and Ian says:

    Hi Paul
    Your blog is great and so true. We bought a house for renovation in Manon, Ortigueira in June 2011 and have been or are going through similar things to your experiences. Sometimes the coincidences are quite remarkable! We had a dead cat in the barn, all sorts of rubbish and looked at some of the same houses as you showed. We don’t have a donkey – yet!! Ours is a much longer plan as Ian is a carpenter and wants to do some of the work himself. It would be great to stay in touch if you have an email I can send you some photos. In the meantime, love the blog.
    Debbie and Ian

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