What a difference two and a half years make

We bought the house in June 2010, completing on the longest day, the summer solstice of the 21st. It has taken us just over two and a half years to get to the cusp of the barn being habitable, and we’ve not really started thinking about what we’ll do with the big house.

After my trip out last week I have only been back in the UK for a week and I am already yearning to get back, and hopefully spend a night or two in our ‘almost finished’ barn.

To cheer myself up I have had a go at some before and after pictures, apologies that the angles aren’t perfect, I will take more next time I go out but this time with the originals in hand to get a perfect match.

Click on any image for a larger view.



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5 Responses to What a difference two and a half years make

  1. nick says:

    which is which?

  2. Debbie dear says:

    It looks amazing. We are still waiting for planning. Love the blog.

  3. Guilhelme says:

    Stunning!! I’m jealous!!

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