Fishy fiesta

There is considerable excitement in our household.

We’ve booked a week at the house in late April, primarily to be there when the kitchen is fitted, but also to do some work on the area immediately around the house, to tidy up a bit, and to try and eleviate some of the scars of two years of heavy renovation.

salmon2013As if that wasn’t exciting enough we have now found out that we’ll be there while the ‘I Concurso do Salmón do Río Eo’ is taking place in Pontenova. This will be the first ‘fiesta’ that both Amanda and I will have been in-country for.

While we’ll not be picking up a rod or plunging our hands into buckets of maggots, there is sure to be some kind of feast associated with the event, open to anyone, and usually great value for money. It is likely to be a week when all you can eat in A Pontenova is salmon, cooked one hundred and one different ways.

The competition is likely to be fierce. As fierce as the Trout festival which happens in QA Pontenova later on in the year. There are a maximum of eighteen competitors and the fishing takes place on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd May with a salmon needing to measure 40cm to count in the scoring. It is so serious that lots for fishing stands will be drawn the evening before the competition starts, and entry is whopping 70€ per person.

To be honest, it is the kind of thing that we probably wouldn’t go anywhere near if it was to be in the UK, but there is a wierd fascination and infective enthusiasm with the way that the Spanish enjoy themselves, and if there is some decent food associated with it, then you can count me in.

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2 Responses to Fishy fiesta

  1. Gary Kitchen says:

    You should enter yourself and then take along a tin of John West salmon in brine.

    Guaranteed first prize, or a reputation as “That crazy Englishman”, guaranteed.

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