When people ask why?

When we first tell people of 0ur plans for the house in Galicia we are greeted with two dichotomous responses.

One set of people are filled with excitement, on our behalf, wishing us well and showing a genuine interest in what we’ve got planned. The second, and opposing group, quickly wear that facial expression which denotes that we are ‘nutters’ and that they have no comprehension about why we’d give up a perfectly happy life in the United Kingdom to gamble on the Galician countryside.

The former leads to long discussions, the showing of any photographs that we have to hand, and our encouraging our new convert/s to visit the region at their earliest convenience to discover our little gem for themselves.

The latter response usually results in a rapid conversation change to discuss the weather, football or latest political scandal. Galicia dismissed forever into the ‘too difficult to understand’ wilderness.

In reality there are, of course many reasons for our ‘project’. These include; change of pace; healthier lifestyle; good food and wine; fresh air; a desire for country living; the massive variety of wildlife; living off the land; and many others.

But now I have the perfect reason summed up in a single photograph.

The archetypal Galician early summer morning, the sun burning off the mist in the valley bottom, and nothing but woodland as far as the eye can see. The birds were singing, the brook babbling, and the crickets were just starting to wake up and let the countryside know that it was good to be alive.

EarlyMorningGalicia It is simply a privilege to be able to share in natures ‘Good Morning’.


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2 Responses to When people ask why?

  1. Ian says:

    Hello from another Yorkshireman – now in Asturias. It all sounds and looks wonderful – we did consider Galicia but fell in love with this place but never say never.

  2. Debbie dear says:

    We are definitely joining in the former group and experience similar reactions when we talk about our project.

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