How does your garden grow

We’ve only been in Galicia from November to June, so we’ve not had chance to view the state, area or property when nature has fully taken hold and the sunshine and occasional abundant rain have worked their magic. It’s now two whole months (and seems longer) since we completed on the house and I image that the last sixty days will have seen a massive change.

Following the Life in Galicia blogsite my curiosity was further enhanced by their article ‘It’s summer because…’ due to the fabulous looking fruit and veg, not to mention the ‘frog shower’ water feature. These ‘Expats’ are in Sober which is about 150km from our house and due south-west with us both being about equidistant from Lugo. Whilst the climate is warmer and more humid at their house than it is closer to the north coast, it still gives us a good example of what we may be able to expect to grow with some success. Tomato, grape, apple, walnut, olive, a whole host of salad stuff and root vegetable, squash, pulses and legumes.

At the moment our land has some salad vegetables and potatoes growing on it, thanks to our friend Carlos (more of whom later). We also have a number of fruit trees, most of them sadly self-seeded in the most unfortunate of places for our impending development. Hopefully we’ll get a crop or two from them before they have to go, but to recompense we intend to plant a small orchard to at least keep ourselves self-sustained in apples, cherries, limes and lemons, kiwi (which is a big industry in Galicia), and possibly olives and walnuts.

On the last trip in June I snapped the following. If anyone can help with identification then please feel free to comment;

Specimen A

Specimen B

Specimen C

What I did recognise were; apple (at least two varieties), walnut, olive, cherry, almond and the most interesting of all….a fig tree.

Fig Tree

Apparently the ones to eat are the ones covered in ants…for they are the sweetest and ripest.

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4 Responses to How does your garden grow

  1. I’m pretty certain that c is a mimosa an imported tree from Australia that is spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately I’m not too well up on plants, I’ve been in Galicia for 37 years now and always worked in livestock production until 5 years ago when I started selling rural and rustic housing.
    Enjoy Galicia, I certainly do.

    • judith goater says:

      stumbled across this article and read that you sell rustic properties , we are in the SRias Baixus and sadly after 14 v happy years here we need to return to the UK , if you would be interesed in selling and have serious buyers perhaps you could email me. We have a 400 yo cassitta 2 bed 2 baths and a 4 bed villa next door set in a walled garden with pool . regards,Judith Goater

  2. Hi Paul, I didn’t realize that it was you two
    Enjoy, send me a phone number and I’ll give you a buzz.

  3. Pumpkin~Power says:

    Just stumped across your blog. It’s great to read about your adventure in Galicia, most enlightening! Do keep up the posting…. BTW, I think A is a peach tree and B a walnut tree. Sounds like you are already on your way to self-sufficiency! LOL!

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