Hotel Rolle, leading by example

It would be easy, if somewhat boring, for me to blog about the hotels we’ve stayed in. But on this occasion I am going to tell you about Hotel Rolle in Ribadeo, and for good reason. 

Hotel Rolle

Jose Carlos Rolle Vijande is a brilliant host, keen to please, eager to chat, and highly knowledgeable about the Ribadeo area and Galicia/Asturias. The smart beige and cream decorated hotel is tucked away on a back street, off the main square and just up the steep road from the harbour. It is conveniently situated on the edge of town and on week-nights it is warm and quiet with welcoming rooms and free wi-fi Internet access (a boon to the travelling digital addict). The breakfasts are top-notch with a nice big cup of strong coffee and home made cake.

But the main reason I mention it is the wonderful job that Jose Carlos and his builders have done in renovating a shell into such a delightful hotel, with many features similar to those that we’d like to have in our Casa Rural. Starting with the bathrooms, bright, modern, well lit and with top-of-the-line installations such as this amazing multi-function walk-in shower.

Ultra-modern bathrooms

The rooms have exposed hand-pointed stonework and the windows are double glazed with these brilliant hand-made shutters which fit snugly into place and keep out any daylight and street noise.

Hand-made shutters

Finally, each room has a theme and a unique name which owes something to the framed photographs taken by the owner and some point in his long and illustrious past.

Old Galicia

This really is a nice place to stay, not overly expensive and certainly far cheaper than the Ribadeo Parador which, to be honest is a bit of a disappointment. The only word of caution with Hotel Rolle is to avoid Friday and Saturday nights as the hotel is reputed to be next to (we’ve never been there to validate the claim) one of the noisiest all-night clubs in Ribadeo. But on any other night the loudest sound you’ll hear is a car traversing the cobbles, or Amanda and I returning to our room after one too many glasses of Albariño.

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  1. Gary says:

    Did someone mention cake for breakfast ?

    Sounds like a civilised man, let me introduce the concept of Yorkshire cheese and cake to him.

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