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A Dozen Things That We Now Know, That We Didn’t Know Before

It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living in Spain for seven months. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that we were packing our worldly chattels into the big red van and making the exhausting 1,300 mile journey from Huddersfield … Continue reading

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Amanda’s Antrocity

I’m not particularly proud of myself but sometimes ‘needs must’. We, or should I more accurately say Amanda, has committed an antrocity. There is simply no other way of describing her actions and in supporting her, however passively, I feel … Continue reading

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You Can Never Have Too Many Potatoes

I’m rapidly coming to the conclusion that it may be better for my health to buy vegetables in the supermarket. Our ‘huerto’, miniscule by comparison to those of our neighbours, is beginning to turn into a real labour of love, … Continue reading

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A Mountain of Eggs

Last weekend saw great excitement. Well…at least what passes for great excitement in Galicia. On Friday we became ‘piggy in the middle’ between two local neighbours as they vie to get us to heed their horticultural advice. As an Englishman’s … Continue reading

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Live and Let Live (Die)

One of the big perks of life in rural Galicia is the totally justifiable necessity to own and use a comprehensive range of ‘big boys toys’, not required in suburban Huddersfield. While we are still currently long-distance Gallegos this hasn’t stopped … Continue reading

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