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When winter touched Liñeiras

I’ve never seen the house and barn in snow. It does occasionally snow in Galicia but with the warming effect of the Atlantic spreading as far in land as A Pontenova, it is very rare for anything but the lightest … Continue reading

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When people ask why?

When we first tell people of 0ur plans for the house in Galicia we are greeted with two dichotomous responses. One set of people are filled with excitement, on our behalf, wishing us well and showing a genuine interest in … Continue reading

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What a difference two and a half years make

We bought the house in June 2010, completing on the longest day, the summer solstice of the 21st. It has taken us just over two and a half years to get to the cusp of the barn being habitable, and … Continue reading

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An inconvenient return

I’ll be selecting a few of the photographs that Amanda and I took while we were at the barn and sharing them with you over the next couple of weeks, as a stop-gap to my next visit. I may, however, be … Continue reading

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A night of two feasts

We’re back in the UK for a while, but not without one final Spanish adventure. On Friday we’d popped to our new neighbours, the ones from Madrid, to drop off a key and ask if they would be so kind … Continue reading

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